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Default Nick Einhorn - Penguin Live

Hi All

Here's a great lecture Nick Einhorn - Penguin LIVE

[Chỉ thành viên mới xem được links. ]

"Nick Einhorn is one of busiest pros in the business. He exudes class and always leaves his audiences amazed, amused and in awe with his ingenious methods with hard hitting and entertaining effects." - Marvin Berglas

"Nick is one of the best. His thinking is always brilliant and his material is utterly dependable and real world." - Andy Nyman

"Nick's creativity and attention to detail is incredible - I love his stuff!" - Nigel Mead, Producer, Writer and Head Magic Consultant for ITV 2's award-winning show Tricked

"Yes, he is a good friend, but Nicholas is also one of the most creative magicians I know. I don't brainstorm with many people, but he is someone whose advice I will always seek out and, invariably, go with." - Jon Allen

What will he teach?

Double Triple Prediction This chair prediction style routine is a whole act in itself! Nick will be discussing his stage version and a close-up version which both use devious but different methods.

The Three Levels of Creativity How can we learn to be more creative? Nick will explain three distinct levels of creativity and discuss how they can be applied to help you become a more creative magician.

Dragon Cups A safe, fun, impromptu and cost effective variation on the SPIKED! trick which has claimed the hands of so many magicians.

Observation Test A mind-blowing card trick which is strong enough to end your close-up set.

Diary Trick Nick's presentation and routine for the classic Diary Trick. A perfectly constructed routine designed for maximum impact.

Rainbow Deck Nick's Rainbow Deck will enchant and amaze any close-up audience.

Pro Flite Nick's performance and explanation for his version of the classic Ring Flight. Including Ring on String handlings.

Nest of Wallets Nick's performance and explanation for his top selling Deluxe Nest of Wallets. A variety of routines and handling are discussed.

Supersized Swami Recreate your favourite Thumb Writer effects for a finish that the whole audience can read!

Watch Match An impromptu coincidence routine with 2 borrowed watches.

Martini Deck A Stranger Card routine performed under the fairest conditions. An easy-to-construct fake deck which you can make in minutes.

Magic Time! Who says that self working card tricks have to be boring? This is a great 'powerhouse' routine to keep up your sleeve for the right moment.

Paper to Money Pop this little gimmick in your pocket and be ready to perform a quick miracle anytime.

Missing Dollar Nick's super visual routine, handling and gimmicks for the classic Riddle of the Missing Dollar Bill.

Linking Finger Rings A devastatingly baffling handling of this classic stage piece which is explained in full. Perfect for theatre shows.

Who is he?

Nick has been a busy full time professional magician for over 20 years. His close-up and cabaret shows are in constant demand at corporate events and private parties. Nick Einhorn is a Gold Star member of The Inner Magic Circle. He was a winner on ITV1's Penn & Teller: FOOL US! He was voted "The Magic Circle Centenary Close-up Magician" in 2005, which was part of a special event to celebrate the society's 100th birthday. In addition, he won 2nd place (Micro Magic) at F.I.S.M, The World Championships of Magic, 2003 and has won the coveted title of "The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year" twice. (1996 & 2002).

He has made multiple TV appearances worldwide and is the author of many magic titles includingThe Art of Magic & Sleight of Hand, How To Do Magic, Close-up Magic, The Encyclopedia of Magic,Card Magic, Magic Illusions, Conjuring Tricks, Amazing Puzzles & Stunning Stunts, The Illustrated Compendium of Magic Tricks and Stunning Stunts, Stand-up Magic and Stage Illusions . A staggering quantity of over 1 million copies continue to sell worldwide.

As a consultant and magic advisor, Nicholas has created the illusions and special effects for several large stage and screen productions. He has also lectured extensively internationally and many of his creations have become top sellers. Items such as Spooked - The Ultimate Haunted Deck, Pro-Flite, The Deluxe Nest of Wallets, InFlight Self Levitation, Word in a Million are considered A-list material for many working professionals.


[Chỉ thành viên mới xem được links. ]

Best wishes and a Happy New Year.........[Chỉ thành viên mới xem được links. ]

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. "
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Thank you :D Happy new year!!
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b nào reupload cái này vơi.
like me on facebook to connected:
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